Beauty is for feet too

Beautiful feet

A DIY pedicure is the perfect time to relax, take care of your body and turn your bathroom into a pamper centre!


Fish therapy

Fish Therapy is an exfoliating treatment for feet, performed by fish in special tanks. It may sound strange but it's worth trying. 


How to Achieve Beautiful Feet

As easy as it may be to ignore, looking after your feet is vital. Exposed footwear, prolonged standing, high heels or Ill-fitting shoes can cause great pain and damage.


Top Tips for Beautiful Nails

Everyone wants to have nails that they can show to the world in confidence but this can be hard work to maintain. Read on for our top tips on how to achieve beautiful nails you can be proud of.


Your Guide to the perfect at-home pedicure

A pedicure can be just what you need after a gruelling day at work, or after putting the kids to bed. But if you have to leave the house for one, it can feel like a chore.