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10 TipsandTricks  for beautiful, shiny nails from Scholl

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Don't cut or manipulate nais.

The cuticles are living skin. Don't cut them because they are the natural protective barrier to fungus and bacteria. 
When protection is lost, infections can harm the nailbed and lead to permanent nail damage. Carefully use a cuticle pusher instead.

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Don't share equipment

Don't share your electronic nail pen heads with others for hygiene reasons. That is what is done in professional nail studios, too.

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Don't bite your nails.

Seriously. It damages your nails, you have to file them over and over again, and they will become shorter than you want.  Plus it does not look pleasant, neither the biting, nor the nails.

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Use tools, not nails.

Avoid any other damage; nails aren't tools so better use real tools, like scissors or knives when opening letters, parcels or any other packaging.

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Instantly remove uneven parts.

Nails start to break at the weakest or most exposed parts. Take the electronic nail pen and even out any irregularities. 

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Dry nails? Drink more water.

Your nails appear dry and brittle? Perhaps you don't drink enough water. It's as simple as that.

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Use nail and cuticle oil.

It helps nourish both nails and skin. When you are exposed to lots of hand sanitisers, applying the oil twice a day may help.  Others will prefer to use it daily or only weekly. Ideally allow some soak-in time; most people prefer applying the oil before going to bed.

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Soft nails? Avoid excessive water contact.

Your nails are too soft? Perhaps they have too much contact with water. Using nail and cuticle oil can help as well.

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Wear gloves more often.

To protect your nails and cuticles from too much liquids and chemicals think about using disposable gloves more often for any kind of housework connected to water and cleaning supplies.

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Ingrown nails? They can be prevented.

Especially for toenails: avoid round shapes. File them rather squarely and not too short. If you have an ingrown nail, it may cure itself as the nail grows. Don't cut anything, it will make it worse and can cause infections. Rather, see a health professional when you have problems.